Announcing CrossFit Defense!

For the past year, Crossfit boxes worldwide have hosted Coach Blauer through his revolutionary Be Your Own Bodyguard program. That program represented the culmination of over thirty years of teaching experience and research. Through a new agreement with CrossFit Headquarters, Coach Blauer and CrossFit have joined forces to offer CrossFit Defense.

“Elite Fitness Doesn’t Guarantee Personal Safety”

CrossFitters train for the unknown and unknowable with an understanding that what they do inside the box prepares them for anything the world throws at them outside of it. But elite fitness doesn’t guarantee personal safety. CrossFit requires a certain set of skills both physically and psychologically — So does self-defense.

CrossFit Defense was developed by Tony Blauer, the founder of the S.P.E.A.R. System and a personal-defense trainer to law-enforcement, military personnel and civilians more than 30 years. Coach Blauer has been an avid CrossFit athlete for years, and he realized long ago that in order to effectively protect yourself and your loved ones, fitness is essential, but just the beginning.

“If CrossFit is the study of human movement,” Blauer said. ”CrossFit Defense the study of human movement as it relates to violence, fear and aggression.” Like learning a proper clean or double-under, there are certain functional movements and processes, inherent to self-protection, that can help forge elite awareness and defensive/protective skills.

This one-day course is geared towards the CrossFitter who is looking to increase his or her awareness and personal-defense skills. Taking the course will provide participants with the essential mindset, skills and drills, which they will be able to use immediately.

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